Benefits are based on clinical studies, published medical journal articles and user experience. Individual results may vary.


Before and after photos showing successful hair growth results HairMax Laser Device users have achieved. HairMax has helped men and women around the world regrow denser, fuller more vibrant hair.

Receding hair line dramatically filled in. Fuller hair on top of head. See reference point.

Substantial hair growth in frontal temple area. Nearly invisible thin, vellus hair is now thicker with fuller coverage.

Using the HairMax products resulted in substantial new hair growth. Hair is thicker, denser and covers most of the top of the scalp.

Hair substantially thicker and denser. Scalp no longer showing through. Improvement in hair quality, manageability and vibrancy.

Hair quality greatly improved. Less scalp showing through as hair is denser and fuller. New hair growth visible in the frontal area and over top of scalp.

Female with typical pattern baldness. Hair much fuller and thicker throughout, especially along the center part line.

Hair is thicker and fuller on the top of the head. Less scalp showing through. Balding and receding areas filled in.

*Results may vary

Thin, wispy hairs are now thicker and fuller. Hair in the temple area filling in with new hair growth.

*Results may vary